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Landscaping Stone

Our stone is available to landscapers and homeowners or we will design and install your project for you. (See some of our projects here.) Wall stones are available by the palette. Most cobblestones, paving stones, benches, posts and other pieces are available by the palette or by the piece.

Benches and Obelisks
A sampling of benches and obelisks from an old granite mine in Sunapee, New Hampshire.
Benches! All sizes, shapes, and colors.
Basins and Steps
Basins or bird baths, whatever you fancy. Plus a display of granite steps showing their construction.
For a point-of-interest piece.
One Man Zebra
Excellent for a waterfall. Streaked with quartz.
Laurel Mt. Pavers
Random pavers in a rust-brown shade. Nice for entry walks or patios.
Bluestone Pavers
Bluestone pavers in various square and rectangular sizes. Nice for that formal entrance or for a patio.
Tumbled Bluestone Pavers
Bluestone pavers with soft random edges. Nice for that garden path.
Pink Granite Pavers
Pink granite blocks. Nice walk or driveway.
Athena Pavers
Pavers made from concrete. A nice lower-cost solution that mimics sandstone.
Colonial Wallstone
Colonial Wallstone is a dark maroon or purple for a very distinctive wall.
New England Fieldstone for that traditional New England stone wall.
Vermont Steps
Vermont Granite Steps. For that old New England look.
Granite Posts
Simple posts. Posts drilled for lamps. Posts with mailbox brackets.
Granite Steps
For those formal steps. The classic look of granite, dressed and squared. Make your entrance a classic statement.
A one-of-a-kind piece for that point-of-interest in your yard or garden. The other (top) end is natural stone.
Vermont Slate
With colors ranging from brown through blue to lilac, these make an excellent walk or patio.
Random Bluestone Pavers
For that patio or walkway with the random stone look. Varied striations of color. Only by the palatte.

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