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Selected Annuals


Ageratum 'Hawaii Blue' Ageratum 'Hawaii Blue'
Height: 5-6" Spread: 9-10"
Flower Color: Blue Violet Habit: Mounding
Bloom time: Spring/summer Water:
Design: Border/Container/Edging Exposure: Part/full Sun
Ageratum 'Hawaii Blue' is known for its uniform, compact habit and the longevity of it's fuzzy, blue flowers. It is heat tolerent and ideal for edging, borders and container gardening.
Sweet Alyssum Alyssum 'White'
Height: 6-10" Spread: 12-16"
Flower Color: White Habit: Mounding
Bloom time: Spring/summer Water: Average
Design: Beds/Borders/Landscapes/Mass Planting Exposure: Part/full Sun
Sweet Alyssum has tiny, bright white flowers that cover the entire plant. The flowers have a sweet fragrance and attract butterflies. It is a low maintenance plant that works well as an annual ground cover, has excellent heat tolerance and vigor and looks great in borders.
Snowstorm® Giant Snowflake® Bacopa Sutera cordata 'Giant Snowflake®'
Height: 4-8" Spread: up to 36"
Flower Color: White Habit: Trailing
Bloom time: Planting To Frost Water: Average
Design: Landscape/Container Exposure: Part/full Sun
Unlike most plants, Sutera will not wilt when drought stressed. Before the plant shows signs of wilting it will drop both the flowers and the buds on the plant. It takes about 2 weeks for the plant to come back into bloom after it has been drought stressed. To maintain constant bloom you will either need to monitor the plant closely and water before the soil gets too dry or you could plant Sutera with a plant that does wilt. Some good plants to consider are verbena, coleus, petunias etc. These companion plants will serve as indicator plants to let you know that the Sutera is dry and should help you avoid having the plant dropping blooms and buds due to drought stress. An application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.
Calibrachoa Calibrachoa
Height: 6-10" Spread: 8-10"
Flower Color: (various) Habit: Cascading
Bloom time: Planting To Frost Water: Average
Design: Container Exposure: Full Sun
Calibrachoa are usually easiest to grow in containers because if the roots are kept too wet can lead to root rot diseases. In containers, allow the top of the soil to dry before watering again. If your plant is wilting even though the soil is still damp you likely have a root rot problem. Calibrachoa can be fantastic in-ground plants, but only if they are planted in well drained soil. Raised beds would be a good choice for planting Calibrachoa in the landscape. In the ground they shouldn’t need much additional water unless conditions are very dry. Proper watering is key to growing good Calibrachoa.
Marinka Fuchsia 'Marinka'
Height: 4-8" Spread: 12-18"
Flower Color: Pink Habit: Mounded
Bloom time: Planting To Frost Water: Average
Design: Beds/Containers Exposure: Part shade/Shade
Delicate bell-shaped red flowers spring to fall. Deadheading not necessary.
Rocky Mountain™ Geraniums Geranium
Height: 12-18" Spread: 12-15"
Flower Color: (various) Habit: Upright
Bloom time: Planting To Frost Water:
Design: Exposure: Part/full Sun
Super Elfin Impatiens Impatiens walleriana
Height: 6-12" Spread: 6-12"
Flower Color: (various) Habit: Low-Growing/Mounding/Upright
Bloom time: Spring/Summer/Fall Water: Average/high
Design: Bedding/Border/Containers Exposure: Any
Lobelia Lobelia erinus
Height: 6-8" Spread: 6-8"
Flower Color: (various) Habit:
Bloom time: Water:
Design: Landscapes/Containers Exposure: Part/full Sun
Self cleaning, no deadheading necessary. Lobelia does not like "wet feet". Be sure that you do not keep the soil wet. Allow the soil surface to dry before watering again. The plants may be trimmed back at anytime.
Marigolds Calendula
Height: 6-36" Spread: 6"
Flower Color: (various) Habit: Upright/Mounding
Bloom time: Spring/Summer/Fall Water:
Design: Beds/Borders/Containers Exposure: Full Sun
If the spent blossoms are deadheaded, the plants will continue to bloom profusely. Do not fertilize marigolds. Too rich a diet stimulates lush foliage at the expense of flowers. Marigolds bloom better and more profusely in poor soil.
Delta™ Pansy Viola wittrockiana
Height: 4-5" Spread:
Flower Color: (various) Habit: Mounding
Bloom time: Spring/Summer/Fall Water: Average/High
Design: Beds/Borders/Containers Exposure: Full Sun
Pansies bring the best of all worlds to growers by combining large flowers, extra-early flowering, extreme uniformity across all colors in timing and habit, and outstanding heat tolerance. Delta blooms early in low light environments, and shows up to three times the number of blooms as other varieties. Delta overwinters well, and stays attractive during severe weather due to short, sturdy stems. The Delta series reaches new heights in uniformity with Delta Premium colors. Delta Premiums are more manageable and hold better than the colors they replace. Both early flowering and free-flowering characteristics remain the same in the Delta Premiums. Plants also show continuous flowering under low light.
Easywave™ Petunia Viola wittrockiana
Height: 6-12" Spread: 30-39"
Flower Color: (various) Habit: Mounding/Spreading
Bloom time: Spring/Summer Water: Average
Design: Landscapes/Containers Exposure: Full Sun
These fast-growing plants bloom freely all season in landscapes and containers without cutting back, and tolerate both heat and cooler conditions very well. Flower-filled plants grow a little more mounded than original Wave, with a more controlled spread. Avoid wet foliage going into night. Keep well fed for best performace. Occasional cut back will rejuvenate plants.
Ribbon Mix Snapdragons Antirrhinum majus
Height: 16-18" Spread: 12-15"
Flower Color: (various) Habit: Upright/Erect
Bloom time: Spring thru Fall Water: Average
Design: Bedding/Containers/Cutflower/Border Exposure: Part/full Sun
Snapdragon bear early-season flowerspikes of distinctly lipped flowers that snap open and shut when squeezed, hence the name “snapdragon". These will flower from very early spring to fall, if spent flowerspikes are removed from atop the green foliage. When weather is very hot they will cease blooming, reblooming again in the cooler temperatures of autumn.
Oklahoma Mix Zinnias Zinnia elegans 'Oklahoma Mix'
Height: 30-40" Spread: 18-20"
Flower Color: (various) Habit: Upright
Bloom time: July to frost Water: Average
Design: Landscapes/Bedding/Cut Flowers/Ornamental Exposure: Full Sun
Oklahoma Mix is loaded with 1 1/2–2 1/2 inch colorful blooms. Much less susceptibility to powdery mildew and an extended vase life than other zinnias, these are a prime choice for late summer cut flowers. This series includes yellow, pink, scarlet, salmon, and white. Zinnias come in a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colors-something for everybody. They are heat-loving plants, best sown at the same time that peppers are transplanted outside. Zinnias bloom during that part of summer when many other flowers have finished, from late July until the rainy season sets in, or until your first frost.

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