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Landscaping Projects by JM Landscaping
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Patio Project Final
Patio Project
This project involved building a new patio using Tumbled Bluestone. Smooth and durable, bluestone will last for many years.
Stone Walls Project Final
Stone Walls
Stone walls can create enclosures around the house, defining a cozy outdoor living space yet retaining the surrounding views.
Granite Cobbles Project Final
Granite Cobbles
Granite cobbles are a natural and durable product for edging steps and walks - fantastic!
Walkway & Planting Project Final
Walkway & Planting
We combined a circular patio with a brick walkway entry and planted Creeping Thyme in the cracks between the stones. A natural backyard planting sets off an exposed exisiting ledge.
Stone Steps Project Final
Stone Steps
Grading is important whether setting pavers or granite steps. Start with the correct angles and slopes. Preparation is 90% of the work.
Retaining Wall Project Final
Retaining Wall
Separation of driveway from the entry is achieved with a stone wall that lessens the slope around the house, creating a comfort zone for walking.
Freestanding Wall & Patio Project Final
Freestanding Wall & Patio
A freestanding wall allows sitting on top and creates this friendly space by the home, with entry points at each end. This patio was made with 2'x3' Bluestone pieces — a natural for a woodsy setting.
Pavers Project Final
Manufactured pavers can blend nicely with what is found in nature, such as beautiful stone found on site. A nice blending of materials is what we're after.
Elevation Changes Project Final
Elevation Changes
Elevation changes can be challenging. Steps and retaining walls can provide access and planting beds for new plants. Here is a turnaround for cars and a pleasant access to the higher entry area. New plants further compliment the area.
Steep Hillside Project Final
Steep Hillside
A steep hillside front entry can present difficulties but with the right materials, a welcoming approach can be designed.
A Variety of Projects Final
A Variety of Projects
Granite Project Final
Pieces of granite from the past can be beautiful when set fresh on a new site. Working collaboratively with other designers in the landscape industry can better everyone's result — especially the client's.
Stone Landings Project Final
Stone Landings
A series of steps should be broken up with stone landings if the site so dictates, making the walkway more comfortable to walk on.
Steps & Plants Project Final
Steps & Plants
Sometimes an 8" set of stone steps is necessary for the scale of the building structure next to the steps. Add a mix of plants to soften grades and hardscapes.
Sod Project Final
Sod is instant green to complement a new planting.
Misceallaneous Projects Final
Misceallaneous Projects 2012-14 Final
Miscellaneous 2012-14

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